The LMCE 2024 Organizing Committee invites you to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations. All abstracts for the congress are required to be submitted through the "Online Submission System". (Please find the green button labeled 'Abstract Submission' below.)
Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee. The type of presentation may be subject to change upon review by the Scientific Committee.
Please be aware that simply submitting abstracts does not imply that you have completed the registration process. Presenters must register for the congress after submitting an abstract.
Please ensure that you carefully review the guidelines before submitting your abstract.

Important Dates

  • -Deadline for Abstract Submission: May 31, 2024
  • -Notification of Abstract Acceptance: From July 8, 2024
  • * Please submit your abstract for LMCE 2024 by the deadline, as there will be no further extensions.

Steps for Abstract Submission

  • Step 1 Review the guidelines and topics below
  • Step 2 Click on the
    "Abstract Submission"
    button above
  • Step 3 Sign up (for the first visit) or Login
  • Step 4 Fill out the submitter’s information
  • Step 5 Complete abstract content and authors
  • Step 6 Receive an automatic email confirming the submission

Abstract Submission Topics

No. Topic Sub Topic
1 Clinical Chemistry Arterial blood gas analysis and electrolytes Method evaluation/reference interval
Congenital metabolic disorders Proteins
Endocrine function tests Sampling, storage, and physiological variations
Intermediate metabolites and inorganic ions Therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology
Kidney function and urinalysis Tumor markers
Liver/biliary function test Others
2 Clinical Microbiology Acid-fast bacilli Infection control
Antimicrobials and sensitivity test Mycoplasma and rickettsia
Automated microbial identification/instrument Virus
Bacteria Others
3 Diagnostic Genetics Cancer genetics Infectious diseases
Hereditary disorders Others
4 Diagnostic Hematology Automated analyzers WBC disorders-benign
Coagulation and hemostasis WBC disorders-malignant
Platelet disorders Others
RBC disorders
5 Diagnostic Immunology Allergic disease Immunodeficiency
Autoimmune disease Inflammatory mediators
Cancer immunology Infection immunology
HLA and transplantation Others
6 Transfusion Medicine Blood components Therapeutic apheresis/cell therapy
Blood typing Transfusion reaction
Hematopoietic stem cell Transfusion therapy
RBC antigen/antibody Others
7 General Laboratory Medicine Laboratory informatics Others
Point-of-care test

Abstract Submission Guidelines

These guidelines are meant for regular attendees who submit abstracts, and not for invited speakers.
  • -The content should not have been previously published in a copyrighted, peer-reviewed journal, such as Clinical Chemistry.
  • -Please submit all abstracts online before May 31, 2024.
  • -Abstracts should be written in plain and understandable English language. The abstracts should not exceed 400 words in length.
  • -An abstract should include a title, author's name and affiliation, the body, and keywords.
Title Capitalize the first letter of each word
Author Information
  • -Name: Write first and family name(s) in full.
  • -Affiliation should be structured as follows: Department, Institution, City, Country
  • -Degrees or titles such as MD after an author’s name must be deleted
Abstract Body In the case of an original article, the abstract body text should be structured chronologically into four sections:
Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.
Keywords No more than 6 keywords which the first word begins with a capital letter.
Tables and Images No tables or images are allowed.
Please make sure to carefully review your abstract below before clicking the "submit" button.
  • -No additional proofreading or corrections will be allowed after the submission deadline. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that their text does not contain typos or grammatical errors.
  • -Authors have the option of choosing their presentation type (oral presentation or poster presentation). However, the scientific program committee will make the final decision after review.
  • -Acknowledgment of your submission will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the abstract submitting author. If you do not receive this e-mail confirmation, it means we have not received your abstract. If you are sure you have submitted it, check to make sure you sent it to the correct e-mail address.
  • -The e-mail you provided us will be used to notify you of the acceptance and to send you updated information. If you have any inquiries, please contact the secretariat at info@lmce-kslm.org.

Notification of Acceptance

  • -All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee according to reviewing procedures.
  • -Notification of acceptance will be sent by e-mail to corresponding, presenting and abstract submitting authors from July 8, 2024.
  • -The presenting author should reply to the acceptance notification for confirmation of attendance.

Abstract Withdrawal

  • -If the presenting author of an accepted abstract does not register by August 9, 2024. the abstract will be automatically withdrawn from the final program.
  • -If you have to withdraw an abstract, please notify the secretariat (info@lmce-kslm.org) in writing as soon as possible.
If you have any inquiries regarding abstract submission, please contact the Secretariat.
(E-mail: info@lmce-kslm.org   Tel. +82-70-4895-6129)