Program at a Glance

11월 25일(수)에 23시 59분까지 수강하신 강의만 평점 인정이 되며, 이 후에 강의를 들으신 경우에는 연수평점이 인정되지 않습니다.

Channel Ⅰ (Kor.) Channel Ⅱ (Eng.)
1 [SY1B] Hospital transfusion management 1 [SY8B] Clinically unmet needs in laboratory hematology
2 [SY1C] Policy trends in laboratory medicine 2 [SY9A] Laboratory investigation of hormone and vitamins
3 [SY2A] Improving laboratory productivity through IT system 3 [SY9B] PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) & EUA (Emergency Use Authorization)
4 [SY3B] Convergent evolution of specialists in the mid-sized hospitals 4 [SY10B] Practical aspects of laboratory management (Ⅷ); Clinical laboratory environment and safety
5 [SY7C] Cooperation of ministry of food and drug safety and Korean society for laboratory medicine for overcoming COVID-1